Letshego Uganda and D.Light Solar partner to provide Home solar power financing

08 May 2018
KAMPALA, Uganda: Ugandans with little funds to access electricity in rural areas can smile now. D. Light, a global leader in solar powered solutions has launched a ground breaking partnership with Letshego to provide solar solutions to Ugandans under a micro finance arrangement, the first of its kind in Uganda.
D.light managing director Jacob Okoth said, his firm, the leading manufacture and distributor, said under the partnership, low income earners will part with an initial deposit of Ugx 250,000 and pay Ugx 3000 each day (Shs90,000 per month) for a period of 12 months to Fully own the gadgets.
Many families that are just a few meters from the grid still cannot afford a power connection. But they dont have to live in darkness until the day they raise enough money,” he said
The partnership was launched at the Letshego head offices in Kampala on Monday.
The Letshego CEO Kitakule said the eforts are geared towards improving livelihoods among the rural and semi- urban areas across the country.”Letshego has introduced the New Home Solar Power Financing. The new Letshego solar financing will help improve life,” he said.
Homes and families in need of accessing light energy will now not look further even if they don’t have ready cash at hand. Interested parties can have fast access to the home solar power finances at any of the Letshego branches spread across the country.
Letshego Solar Financing is a short term facility to help Ugandans buy and install solar in their homes.” He said the solution features and benefits include part payments of a period ranging between 3-12 months. The initiative comes in two packages. Under the first package that comes with a lending amount of UGx 1,184,000, beneficiaries will have 5 lights, an FM Radio, phone charger, torch and  a 40 watts solar panel. For the second package of UGx 1,885,305, comes along with 5 bulbs, FM Radio, torch, 21 inch Television and a 40watts panel.
With the current barrage of load shedding many homes are left in the dark with businesses to the ruins. With solar power, Ugandans will be in position to save money and cut both on the monthly expenditures on kerosene and its health aspects through the use of clean energy. Solar power is safe to use with minimal accidents. It also comes with easy installation and is long lasting.