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Letshego Financial Services Mozambique (Letshego Mozambique) commenced business on 11th February 2011. It is a subsidiary of Letshego Holdings Limited (LHL), a pan-African financial services group that is headquartered in Gaborone, Botswana. LHL was incorporated in 1998, was listed on Botswana Stock Exchange in 2002 and today has a market capitalisation of approximately MZN17 billion or just over US$500 million. We are licenced micro bank, and we launched our current, savings and fixed deposit services in 2014.      
In April 2016, Letshego Mozambique was licenced as a principal MasterCard issuer, which enables us to engage in card issuance, ATM services and a wide range of payment value-adding services offered by MasterCard. These include financial literacy interventions, remittance solutions, and contactless technology, bringing additional value to existing customers and creating a broader offering to low and middle income earners. Today we assist over 55,000 customers across all provinces in Mozambique, and market research has indicated that over 70% of Letshego customers surveyed report using their credit for productive purposes (housing, education, insurance or business development). We are developing broader based solutions in the agri-business, education, health, housing and micro-/small-enterprise sectors of the economy, through delivery platforms that include card systems, agency banking networks and mobile interventions.

Market Discipline Report

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Relatório de disciplina de mercados Dezembro 2016

Anexo II - Disciplina de Mercados_English_Junho 17

Anexo II - Disciplina de Mercados_Junho 17

Relatório de Disciplina de Mercado Junho 2017

Market Discipline Report June 2017

Condicões Gerais de Abertura de Contas de Depósitos

Disciplina de Mercado - Setmebro 2017

Anexo II - Disciplina de Mercado_Dezembro 2017_Eng

Anexo II - Disciplina de Mercado_Dezembro 2017_Por

Anexo II - Disciplina de Mercado - March 2018 Eng

Anexo II - Disciplina de Mercado - Marco 2018 Por

Relatório & Contas 2017

Relatorio de Disciplina do Mercado_2017

Precario Simplificado 29 Marco_ 18

Precario Completo 29 Marco 18

Anexo II - Disciplina de Mercado - June 2018_Por

Anexo II Disciplina de Mercado - June 2018_Eng

Disciplina do Mercado Junho 2018


Our Products


Product Name Min Term (Months) Max Term (Months) Min Loan Amount
Max Loan Amount
Credimola 6 72 3,000 1,000,000
Executive Credit 6 72 3,000 1,800,000
Credit to Pensioner 6 12 3,000 200,000 
Xtique Deadline Deposit 1,3,6,9 12 5,000 -

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You can find us at the following address or email us at and we will get back to you. 

Branch Name  Physical Address Telephone 
Maputo Fernão Magalhães Avenue, nº3137, (down town) +258 21226000 
Maputo Eduardo Mondlane Avenue, nº3024, Alto Maé neighborhood, (next to casa fabião)  +258 84 3488393
Maputo Karl Marx Avenue, nº1211 +258 84 8042141
Matola Dr. Kuthumula Avenue, nº580 Matola City A +258 842005773
Xai-Xai Samora Machel Avenue, nº1230 +258 28 222672
Inhambane Moçambique Avenue, nº98, balane 2 neighborhood +258 2932 0363 
Beira  Poder Popular Street, nº302 +258 23329100
Chimoio Mussurize Street, nº200, (next to Comando Provincial)  +258 251 23858
Tete 25 de Junho Avenue, nº1400, Josina Machel neighborhood +258 2522 3641
Quelimane 1 of Junho street nº70 +258 24218525
Nampula Monomotapa street, nº18 +258 26214627

Lichinga Filipe Samuel Magaia Avenue, nº 1510 INSS Building +258 27121600
Pemba 25 de Setembro Avenue, nº1413, Cariaco neighborhood +258 27 220021